In a recent book we read, Life 2.0, Denver was named as a good location for people looking to relocate themselves, their families and their businesses from the very expensive coastal areas.

We couldn't agree more!

We've listed some of the reasons the Denver metro area is so great.


Metro Denver is made up of all or parts of 7 counties: Denver, Adams, Arapahoe, Jefferson, Douglas, Broomfield and Boulder and includes 60 communities.  Covering over 4,531 square miles it contains a population of over 2.6 million people.  The median age of Denver residents is just over 34 years and the average wage is just over $46,000.

Denver has over 300 days of sunshine every year while the average rainfall is 15 inches and the annual snowfall is just over 55 inches.


And within a 60 mile radius:

Cultural Facilities


Denver has 7 professional sports teams including


The Denver area has 110 golf courses including Cherry Hills Country Club - home of both the men's and women's US Open, PGA and LPGA championships.

There are 650 miles of paved bike trails in the metro area.  Denver is home to the largest park system in the nation with 205 parks located within the city.  These include large parks like Washington Park, City Park, Cheeseman Park and Congress Park and small neighborhood parks in every area of the city.  Additionally,  over 20,000 acres of parks are located in the nearby mountains while the nearby counties have reserved over 100,000 acres for open space and parks.

Boating is available at both Cherry Creek Reservoir and Chatfield Reservoir.  Rafting is popular in the rivers, streams and creeks in the area and in the mountains.  There are miles of gold medal fishing streams within a few hours drive of downtown.

World class snow skiing is available 70 miles away at Vail and 90 miles away at Keystone, Copper Mountain, A-Basin and Breckenridge.  A little further is Steamboat Springs and Aspen.

National Parks in Colorado include Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park and Great Sand Dunes National Park.  Numerous National Monuments are also located in the state.


According to the most recent MLS statistics, homes in the metro area had an average price of $315,561.For the past 3-4 years the metro area has seen real estate appreciation in the range of 2-3% per year.

Denver is a city of neighborhoods.  Warehouses have been converted to lofts in Lower Downtown (LoDo) and new condo projects have been built in the Golden Triangle area.  Close to downtown are the older areas of Curtis Park, Baker, Congress Park and Park Hill.  Further out of the city are newer areas including Lakewood, Golden, Englewood, Littleton, Westminster, Thornton and Aurora.  Even further out are Highlands Ranch and Castle Pines.

As part of recent airport and base closings, Denver has redeveloped both the Stapleton and Lowry areas.  Close to downtown, both of these developments are highly popular with residents both new and old.


For a fairly large city, Denver is easy to get around in.  I-25 runs the length of the state from North to South and goes through the middle of town.  I-70 bisects the northern part of the state from east to west and forms a T in the middle of the city with I-25 north to south and I-70 east to west.  In addition, there are loops around the city to avoid the center.  I-225 and I-270 loop the east part of the city.  C-470 loops the south and west.  E-470 is a toll road that loops outside of I-225 from south to north and is the easiest way to get to DIA.  Highway 36 is an interstate highway from Denver to Boulder and I-76 goes from Denver north and east to connect to I-80 in Nebraska.

There are numerous low access high speed highways in addition to interstates that crisscross the city.  Add major arterial streets that feed off the high speed highways and you can usually get across town in 30 minutes or less depending on the time of day.

Denver also has a light rail system from the southern and western suburbs into downtown.  With adequate parking and excellent scheduling, the commute can be made easily and cheaply - with no parking hassles!  More light rail lines are on the drawing board.

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is responsible for the construction and repair of the major highways in the city and state. 

Denver International Airport is the 6th busiest airport in the country serving over 40 million passengers per year.  It is the 10th busiest airport in the world.  Corporate jets can use convenient Centennial Airport in the southern suburbs or Jefferson County Airport to the west.  Union Station close to downtown is the major train terminal in the area for passengers boarding for all destinations and is the centerpiece of revitalization of the western downtown area.

 Tourist Attractions

Whether you're new in town or you have to entertain someone who is, Denver has lots to see and do.


If you're a power shopper, or know someone who is, you came to the right place.  Every major department store is represented in the city.  Plus there are lots and lots of boutique shops to tickle your fancy - from a store exclusively for games to the best independent bookstore in the nation.  Plan on several days - one just won't do.


Have you ever eaten buffalo?  You can easily find a place in Denver that will serve it to you!  We have restaurants that have been open for over a hundred years and some that have been open for a hundred days.  You can find every variety of food from large chains to small neighborhood pubs.  We have listed some of our favorites.  Bon Appetit!


Denver has many annual events which attract locals and visitors alike.

After Dark

If you come to Denver expecting to find cows in the middle of the street and the sidewalks rolled up at dark, you've come to the wrong city!  Denver has a vibrant and exciting night life that starts in LoDo (shorthand for Lower Downtown), moves to the Golden Triangle and ends on th 16th Street mall.  Throw in side trips to Cherry Creek North and Capital Hill and you've got plenty of fun.  Denver is also known for it's brew pubs.  Even the Governor owns a couple.  We've heard that these are some of the best around:

 This list is just a start.  There's more to see and do here.  Come see for yourself!

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